February 16, 2011

Mini Birettas as Souvenir

Have a look at these wonderful little treasures.
The Roman tailors make them as souvenirs.
Mini biretta cardinal

Mini biretta canon

Mini biretta Praemonstratensian

Mini biretta bishop

Even Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger had two mini cardinal birettas on his piano.
One biretta adorns the head of a little teddy bear.
© of the picture: Gianni Giansanti
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Benedetto XVI - L'alba di un nuovo papato
White Star S.p.A, Vercelli, 2005, ISBN 978-88-540-0500-6

Souvenir birettas made by Ditta Annibale Gammarelli, Rome

For the Spanish academics:

Mini birrete (ca. 12,5 x 11 cm), made by Rosario Berrocal, Málga, Spain
Doctor en Odontología (Dentistry)

Mini bonete

Mini Sombereo de teja (capello Romano, saturno)

Mini mitre


  1. The second is that of a monsignor.

  2. @Anonymous:
    After the Cæremoniale Episcoporum, page 204, point 1208 the Monsignori are only allowed to wear "la berretta nera con fiocco
    nero" (black biretta with black pompon).

  3. I suppose you're right. _Ut sive sollecite_ 20 doesn't mention the abolition of this biretta, but the _Caeremoniale_ seems to have gone further. _Ut sive_ is such a miserly, mean document.

    One often sees Chaplains of His Holiness -- the majority of the world's monsignori, I think -- wearing the violet-tufted biretta, so thankfully the _Caeremoniale_ in this point is ignored by many, or most.

  4. Haha! Josef Cardinal Ratzinger put the mini-birattas on his mini-teddy-bears, just like I did with mine!

  5. I'm trying to identify this object.
    It's a 4 cornered biretta,with folds of felt(scalloped edge) inside,in 4 colours.
    It's 2"x2" small.It's almost as hard as a box
    so the felt isn't a stuffing


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