August 16, 2011

Get your Custom-Made Biretta or Bonete from Mr. Peter Bird!

© all 3 pictures: Mr Peter Bird

Mr Peter Bird is a biretta enthusiast, who believes that the biretta is symbolic of centuries-old tradition, much of which has been lost in the surge of liturgical reform since the 1960s. In order to help maintain and promote this tradition, he makes bespoke birettas, entirely hand-stitched, both liturgical and academic, and can supply these for the cost of the materials and postage. Both Roman (biretta) and Spanish (bonete) styles are available, as well as specialised and non-standard birettas.

If you are interested to get in contact with Mr Bird, please use this contact form and I will mail you his email address.


  1. I think spanish bonetes can be only used in Spain or by spanish priests. It is wrong to be used in another circumstances. Please, don´t promote these uses.

  2. There are no liturgical rubrics that state where or when the style of biretta should be worn.

  3. I have one of his SPANISH ones. Made to my needs. Simply awesome

    + Jesse

  4. I need a very small episcopal biretta very soon..... please could you send details of Mr Bird's email
    Thank you

    1. Please contact me via the contact form:


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