December 15, 2011

Pileolus worn by Dommesner Hans Gscheider

On the front page the of the Passauer Bistumsblatt (issue no. 47 of 20th of November 2011) I saw the above picture.
It shows the Dommesner (sacristan of the cathedral) Hans Gscheider wearing a black (brown ?) pileolus.
I tried, but I could not figure out by whose authorisation he is entitled to wear a pileolus.


  1. Why would he need permission to use a skullcap? He is not dressed in clericals and the skullcap is not a clerical one either.

    Just like Swiss traditional male dress

  2. @ Anonymous:
    Thank you ver much for your contribution and the link to the picture.

    In my opinion it is a zucchetto (soli deo, pileolus) worn by Catholic priests.

    It is worn in the sacristy of the cathedral in presence of other sacristans and not in a private environment.
    And Mr Gscheider is a employee of the diocese of Regensburg.

  3. No; Passau is not and has never been part of the Regensburg diocesis.

  4. And don't make it more complicated than it is. This is not a matter of privileges or laws. Inside the Passau cathedral, temperatures can drop below zero in the winter season, you just have to wear something on your head if you spend hours in there and are prone to colds.


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