March 12, 2012

Head Coverings Worn by Romaniote Jews

© picture: Wikimedia
'Moses-Symeon Pesach', Chief Rabbi of the Romaniote Greek Jewish community of Larisa, central Greece in 1939
From the shape this hat is close to a kamilavka

I can't say if the rabbi's hat was bi-color or only black/black?
3 Examples:

Jechiel Avihatzeira (יחיאל אביחצירא)  with bi-color head covering:
The hat is made outr of dark red (burgandy) velvet and a black ribbon

Bishop Artermie
 Bishop emeritus of Kosovo diocese, the oldest  diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church
Black Kamilavka (Камила́вка) with black ribbon

Black Kamilavka (Камила́вка), Russian style

© picture: Wikimedia

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