April 02, 2012

Daoist Head Coverings: Zhuāngzi Jīn (莊子巾), Hùn Yuán Jīn (混元巾), Lianhua Guan (蓮花冠) and Liùjiǎo Mào (六角帽) or Gāo Gōng Mào (高宫帽)

H.H. Pope Benedict XVI welcomes Mr Wai Hop TONG (wearing a Zhuāngzi Jīn (莊子巾))
Daoist Association Hong Hong
Day of Reflection, Dialogue and Prayer for Peace and Justice in the World 
"Pilgrims of Truth, Pilgrims of Peace"
Assisi, 27th of October 2011
Documentation of the event you will find here.

Zhuāngzi Jīn -莊子巾
Zhuangzi = Master Zhuang
Jijin = kerchief
How to make a  Zhuāngzi Jīn (莊子巾)

 Hùn Yuán Jīn  (混元巾)
Hùn Yuán (Chaos Prime) is another name for Laojun (Lord Lao), the deified Laozi (Master Lao).
Jijin  = kerchief
The most formal and standard modern Daoist hat. It is circular and has a hole in the center so that one's topknot may be seen. It is worn worn especially by Quanzhen 全真 (Complete Perfection) Daoist monastics during ritual.

 Hùn Yuán Jīn  (混元巾) with Lianhua Guan (蓮花冠) - Lotus crown
The Lianhua Guan (蓮花冠) - Lotus crown - is worn by the head officiant (gaogong 高功) during the ritual.

Liùjiǎo Mào (六角帽) - hat with six edges and Lianhua Guan (蓮花冠) - Lotus Crown on top
Also known as Gāo Gōng Mào (高宫帽) - high palace hat

John Lagerwey:
Taoist Ritual in Chinese Society and History
Macmillan Publishing Company, New York, 1987, ISBN 0-02-896480-2
To learn more about Taoist rituals, get a copy of this wonderful book.


  1. Dear Dieter Philippi

    I am starting a collection of Taoist-related articles, and I've been searching for these hats for a long time. Could you tell me where you buy them?


  2. You can try f.e.: www.taobao.com
    But you have to do it all in Chinese.

    Or you can buy them in Beijing, around Baiyun Guan (White Cloud Temple).


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