August 16, 2012

ABU Utility Cap and ACU Patrol Cap with Religious Emblems

In my previous post "United States Air Force Airman Battle Uniform (ABU) Christian Chaplain's Caps" I wrote a little bit about the caps worn by military chaplains.

The hats and caps are worn in these two fabrics:

1. ABU

2. ACU

Here some more pictures:


ACU Patrol Cap with Christian Cross

ACU Patrol Cap with the Jewish tablets of the Ten Commandments

ACU Patrol Cap with Islamic crescent

ACU Patrol Cap with Buddhist Dharmacakra


ABU Utility Caps

ABU Utility Cap with Christian cross

ABU Utility Cap with the Jewish tablets of the Ten Commandments

ABU Utility Cap with the Islamic crescent

ABU Utility Cap with Buddhist Dharmacakra

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