April 09, 2011

Academic Biretta, Toque, Mortarboard, Tudor Bonnet

University of St Mary of the Lake
Mundelein, Illinois, USA
Group picture of 4 different academic headgear
Mortarboard - Tudor bonnet  - Biretta with 3 wings (horns, blades) and toque

The toque, worn by the director of the Liturgical Institute, Fr. Douglas Martis,
was a professor's hat form the University of Paris (Sorbonne IV),
Professeur de Lettres, Philosophie ou Sciences sociales
- Couleur: Jonquille
- Matière: Ottoman 
- Bandeau: Velours Noir
- 1 Galon Or Large
made by Maison Bosc, Paris

Academic birettas made by Ditta Annibale Gammarelli, Rome

(click to enlarge)
Get a copy of this wonderful book:
Goff, Philip: University of London - Academic Dress
The University London Press, London 1999
ISBN 0-7187-1608-6

as well

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