April 10, 2011

La Canoa, Chapéu de Raia or the Boat Hat

The boat hat were used by the clergy in Portugal, Spain and in the American dominions (Brasil, Argentina, Mexico, etc.) during XIX. century.
In Portuguese language: Barco (= boat, bateau) or Chapéu de Raia (for the hat reminds of a ray) 
In Spanish language: El Barco (= the boat hat). 

Léon Gustav Dehon's departure to America

Don Fermín de Pas

Don José Torras y Bages

Fr. Emiliano Neri, a Carthusian monk

Pius IX and his Nobile Anticamera Segreta
The composition of this famous photograph is at the same time extremely formal, and picturesque. All the members of his Court are wearing choir dress and mantelletta, except cardinal Antonell, who wears the new-fashioned abito Piano.
Amongst those that can be identified, from left Mons. De Mérode, Cameriere Segreto Partecipante, kneeling; Mons. Borromeo, Maggiordomo; Mons. Talbot, Cameriere Segreto Partecipante; Mons. Hohenloe-Schillingfurst, Elemosiniere Segreto, later cardinal; Mons. Negrotto; Card. Antonelli, Secretary of State; Mons. Pacca; Mons. Martinelli, Sacrista di S.S., later cardinal. Note the huge Roman hats. The on the right (on the bench) is a tricorne.

Portuguese friars (circa 1840)
Franciscan and Benedictine friars wore giant boat hats,
Dominicans a black tricorne

 Spanish friar (Peru) with "La Canoa"

Thank you Mr Nunes (Virtual Memories) for your valuable help.

Paintings of Leonce Angrand


  1. Hi,
    In the US this type of hat is known as the "shovel hat" because the bent sides look like shovel. I have one made of regular felt. They can be made through Leavey Historical hats. These hats also look similar to that of the coroner of the "Wizard of Oz" by MGM. Take a look! http://p1.la-img.com/930/21665/7457269_2_l.jpg

  2. @Hoodie Cape Kid
    Thank you very much for your contribution and the link to this nice hat.
    Do you know the website of "Leavey Historical Hats" or an address to contact them?
    Thank you.

  3. Hi,
    I really shouldn't have called it Leavey Historical hats, but rather Leavey Foundation for Historical Preservation. Here is the link. They are a reproduction clothing company that is based out of California. http://www.ushist.com/resume_leavey_foundation_historic_preservation_f.shtml
    Thanks and have a nice day.

  4. In England too, these hats are known as Shovel Hats; there are numerous references to them in Anthony Trollope's Barchester Chronicles.

  5. I just read about them in Vanity Fair by William Thackeray, Chapter 11 Arcadian Simplicity. Your website is very conducive to visualizing so that I don't just skip over such parts, shrug my shoulders saying, "whatever."


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