October 10, 2011

The Atelier-Musée du Chapeau, Chazelles-sur-Lyon, France

If you are in the environment of Lyon, France do not miss to visit the Atelier-Musée du Chapeau

Atelier-Musée du Chapeau
6 rue Saint Galmier
42140 Chazelles-sur-Lyon

In the museum you learn the full process of hat manufacturing and there is a large exhibitions of hats of different epoques.
Making the hat blocks out of the wood of the lime tree

Saint James, son of Alphaeus, the patron saint of the hat makers.
The statue welcomes you in the foyer.

Get a copy of this wonderful little booklet written by Eliane Bolomier, curator of the museum, explaining the full process of hat manufacturing:
Du poil de lapin au chapeau de feutre, la chapellerie à Chazelles-sur-Lyon, Eliane Bolomier, 2005 (nouvelle édition), édition Atelier-Musée du Chapeau, 46 pages

A very good reference book as well:
The hat factories in Chazelles-sur-Lyon made as well fantastic cappelli romano (saturni):

The tricorne hat, in France worn by priests, too.


  1. Die Statue stellt aber deutlich Jakobus Maior(!) da.

  2. Why do some of the Saturnos have strings on the top? Like the 3 picture?

  3. It is for decoration purpose only. No special meaning.


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