October 11, 2011

Jewish Cantor Hats

Cantor hat, worn in a Vienna Synagogue (שול) around 1930s
Made of velvet, 6 panels (segments), tassel made of black threads on top

"What is the name of the hat the Cantor will wear with his Kittel? It is usually very tall.

Thank you for your question. A professional Cantor told me that the official name is a mitre, but since that has Christian connotations Jews would use Yiddish names for it like “a Chazzan’s Kapel”, Chazzan’s Yarmulkeh, Chazzonisheh Yarmulkeh (all meaning ‘Cantor’s Skullcap’), or “Hoiche Yarmulkeh” (high/tall Yarmulka).
All the Best,
Mordechai Dixler"
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