March 02, 2011

2 Special Pileoli (Soli Dei, Zucchetti)

Red-purple pileolus (soli deo, zucchetto), made of 8 panels with a green pompon
worn according the decree of Lerida (1886) by the private Chaplain of the King of Spain

Barbier de Montault, Xavier:
Le costume et les usages ecclésiastiques selon la tradition romaine, Band 1: Règles générales, le costume usuel, le costume de chœur, Letouzey et Ané, Paris, ca. 1900
page 225, footnote (1) (click on the picture to enlarge)

(c) Manuel Domingo Y Sol (* 1.4.1836 + 25.1.19099
wearing a black pileolus (soli deo, zucchetto) with black pompon

Black pileolus (soli deo, zucchetto), made of 6 panels with a black pompon
worn in Spain

For the Alloussi, the skullcap of the Maronite clergy, see:


  1. Yes, but the zucchetto was black.

  2. I have read in your Collection's site that this pileolus has been used also in Lombardy in the 19th Century,I'm from this country and so I'm curious of it, there is any book with notices on it? Thank you very much

    1. Please contact me via the contact form. These 2 pileoli were used in Spain.


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