March 29, 2012

Miznefet Worn by Rabbis of Morocco Heritage

Jechiel Avihatzeira (יחיאל אביחצירא) [or Jechiel Abuhatssira or Jechiel Abuhatzera],
Chief-Rabbi of Ramla wearing a Miznefet.
The hatbody (loking quiet similar to a fez) made of burgandy velvet, ornamented with a black ribbon at the bottom.

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Rabbi Tzion Even d'Nan (ציון אבן דנאן)

© picture: 2all
Rabbi Yosef Mashash (רבי יוסף משאש)

© picture: breslev
Rabbi Shalom Mashash, cousin of Rabbi Yosef Mashash

Miznäfät - Misnafat - Miznefet - Miznephet - Mitsnephet - Mitznefet
The Misnefet is (according 2. Moses 39,28) the headgear of the High Priest (Kohen Gadol). Today it is only worn by some Chief Rabbi.

© picture: breslev

 Rabbi Chacham Yitzchak Kadouri (יצחק כדורי)
The rabbi is wearing a fez with a black ribbon wrapped around the cylindrical shape.
On the top of the fez you can see the bunch of black threads

March 26, 2012

H.H. Pope Benedict XVI with Sombrero

During his visit to Mexico, H.H. Pope Benedict XVI. received 3 different sombreros as a gift from the faithful.

March 15, 2012

Cappello Romano (Saturno) versus the Spanish "Sombrero de Teja"

If you compare the Roman cappello romano (saturno) to the Spanish sombrero de teja you will recongnize that the crown of the Spanish hat is about 3 cm higher and more straight.

Cappello romano (Saturno) in black felt

Sombrero de teja in black felt with a red-golden hat cord
(made for a cardinal)
Made by:
C/ Imperial 12
E-28012 Madrid, Spain

March 13, 2012

Kolpak Worn by the Eparch of the Croatian Greek Catholic Church

Nikola Kekić
Eparch of the Greek Catholic Eparchy of Križevci,
Croatian Greek Catholic Church
with orthodox kolpak, made out of red purple velvet
Episcopal Consecration in Croatia on 4th of July 2009

Ash Wedneday at Santa Sabina, Rome on 29th of Februray 2009

Two more hats with the same shape:
1. Armenian Sagharvart - ê³Õ³í³ñï
2. Jewish Cantor's Hat

1. Armenian Sagharvart - ê³Õ³í³ñï
worn by archprietss of th of the Armenian Apostolic Church

2. Jewish Cantor's Hat

Saghavart in Armenian language is

March 12, 2012

Head Coverings Worn by Romaniote Jews

© picture: Wikimedia
'Moses-Symeon Pesach', Chief Rabbi of the Romaniote Greek Jewish community of Larisa, central Greece in 1939
From the shape this hat is close to a kamilavka

I can't say if the rabbi's hat was bi-color or only black/black?
3 Examples:

Jechiel Avihatzeira (יחיאל אביחצירא)  with bi-color head covering:
The hat is made outr of dark red (burgandy) velvet and a black ribbon

Bishop Artermie
 Bishop emeritus of Kosovo diocese, the oldest  diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church
Black Kamilavka (Камила́вка) with black ribbon

Black Kamilavka (Камила́вка), Russian style

© picture: Wikimedia

March 06, 2012

Top Hat of Lars Olof Jonathan (Nathan) Söderblom

© picture: Wikimedia
archbishop of Uppsala in the Church of Sweden,
wearing is a Swedish doctoral hat (top hat)

March 04, 2012

Biretta of Cardinal de Rohan-Guéméné

© picture: Virtual Memeories
Louis René Edouard de Rohan-Guéméné,  French diplomat, cardinal and politician
This kind of biretta is worn by the doctors of theology of Sorbonne university, too.

The basis of this biretta is the pileus rotundus but with 6 edges and a pompon on his top.

Goff, Philip: University of London - Academic Dress
The University London Press, London 1999
ISBN 0-7187-1608-6

French academic biretta (8 segments), worn as well by lawyers in court
Some times you can also see this style of biretta worn by Jewish cantors

Family tree of the mortarboard
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