July 31, 2015

Wo die Heimat wohnt - Where the home lives

In this very nice and informative book, all museums situated in region whre I live (the Saarland) will be presented.
Get a copy of this wonderful book from your bookseller.
Wo die Heimat wohnt
270 pages
Conte Verlag, St. Ingbert, 2015
ISBN-13: 978-3941657755
16,90 €
The PHILIPPI collection is described in the book, too.

Biret of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church

Learn more about the Czechoslovak Hussite Church here or visit their offical Website here.
Here some sights of the biret worn by the dignitaries of the Církev československá husitská.
The Barett is similar to the Protestant or Evangelical barett

July 29, 2015

Jerusalem Yarmulka

The shop of Jerusalem Yarmulka on 21 Meah Sharim Street in Jerusalem
sells very nice cantor's hats:

(A) Model Satin Cantor's (Chazan) Hat Black - 183221:

(B) Model Velvet Cantor's (Chazan) Hat Black - 183231:

(C) Model Satin Cantor's (Chazan) Hat White - 183222:

(D) Model Velvet Cantor's (Chazan) Hat White - 183232:

(E) Model Velvet Lita Rabbi Kippah Black - 183131:

(F) Model Satin Lita Rabbi Kippah Black - 183121:

Some sights of the shop:

The shopping-bag:

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