July 29, 2015

Jerusalem Yarmulka

The shop of Jerusalem Yarmulka on 21 Meah Sharim Street in Jerusalem
sells very nice cantor's hats:

(A) Model Satin Cantor's (Chazan) Hat Black - 183221:

(B) Model Velvet Cantor's (Chazan) Hat Black - 183231:

(C) Model Satin Cantor's (Chazan) Hat White - 183222:

(D) Model Velvet Cantor's (Chazan) Hat White - 183232:

(E) Model Velvet Lita Rabbi Kippah Black - 183131:

(F) Model Satin Lita Rabbi Kippah Black - 183121:

Some sights of the shop:

The shopping-bag:

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