August 19, 2011

Cardenal Vidal y Barraquer with Skufia (σκούφια) or "bonete circular"?

© picture: Nexusediciones

The question I could not answer until now is why a Roman Catholic cardinal is wearing a headgaer similar to  Greek Orthodox Skufia or Koukos?

Two priests together with inhabitants of the village Luco de Jiloca (Teruel). They wear clerical headgear with the singularity that the priest on the left side of the picture wear a round cap ("bonete circular") with a pompon on top. The prist on the right side a simple round cap.

Maybe this kind of headgear was mainly used inside the house especially during low temperaturs? Teruel is one of the most cold areas in Spain in winter. The pompon probably mean that the priest was the rector of the parrish?
I guess the picture was taken in winter, because the priests wear the "dulleta", a clerical coat used in winter season.

Greek Orthodox Skufia

Greek Orthodox Koukos



  2. It is a Spanish clerical "gorra", which can be used by any clergyman (in Spain, I suppose).

  3. Only first pic is cardinal vidal


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