November 09, 2011

The Kalansowa (قلنسوة), Headgear of the Coptic Orthodox Monks

Kalansoah [Qalansuwah, Kalansowa, Kalansawa]
worn by Coptic Orthodox monks

The 12 crosses symbolize the 12 apostles. They should protect the wearer from evil thoughts and keep him clean. The seam on the top reminds the monks of St Anthony the Great, who always resisted the temptations, persecutions and plagues of the demons. The demons tore on his hood and damaged it. St Anthony then sewed it back together and a seam became visible. The monks in their ascetic life should never lose their courage and nerve, and in spite of all temptations, continue to fight unwaveringly for the faith.

Film about the Kalansowa in German Language

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