January 19, 2012

Hat Museum in Lindenberg

If you are in the Allgäu region in Germany, please do not mis the hat museum in Lindenberg.

Brennterwinkel 4
D-88161 Lindemberg

Get this wonderful little catalogue about the Hutmuseum:
"Hat Museum of the City of Lindenberg in the Allgäu Region"
written by Manfred Röhrl

A very nice cappello romano (saturno)

A Protestant barett

The biretta of Rev. Father Johannes Josephus Wettach, priest of Lindenberg from 1769 until 1819

Thank you very much to Mr Manfred Röhrl, the director of the museum for his kindness to show me the museum on 18th of January 2012. His extensive knowledge about the history of the hat industry in Lindenberg is breath-taking. I learned a lot from him.

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