May 26, 2012

One Year ago .... 25th May 2011 ....

More detail here.


  1. Congratulations. You gave the Pope the best gift ever. May I ask if you got any thank-you note? And where is the tiara now?

  2. Wie steht es den um den Orgelbau für St. Peter?

  3. @ Anonymous:
    I got some feedback from the Vatican. The Tiara is now in the private sacristy.

    @ Laurentius Rhenanius:
    Have a look at:
    Orgelprojekt Petersdom

    and the new book of Ron Ebrecht:
    Cavaille-Coll's Monumental Organ Project for Saint Peter's, Rome: Bigger Than Them All!
    ISBN: 978-0739167281

    I hope ... one day ... it will become reality.


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