February 05, 2013

New Patriarch no Longer Wears the Shash

© picture: Vatican Insider
H.H. Pope Benedict XVI  meets Patriarch Louis Raphael I. Sako of the Chadean Catholic Church
He holds a red pileolus (zuchetto) in his left hand.
In Arabic: كلوتا - Kalotta
Sometimes also called: قَلَنْسَوَة - Qalansawa
But Kalansoah [Qalansuwah, Kalansowa, Kalansawa, Qalansawa] normally describes a hood:
The Kalansowa (قلنسوة), Headgear of the Coptic Orthodox Monks

The famous blog baghdadhope had the possibility to interview the new Patriarch Louis Raphael I. Sako of the Chadean Catholic Church.

Last sentence of the Interview:

"No. Mi sembra una tradizione antica e legata al folklore locale. Voglio essere semplice e diretto, non alzare barriere nei confronti di nessuno ed anche un certo modo di vestire in un certo senso è una barriera. Niente Shash, magari qualcosa di più semplice." 

 “To me it is a dated tradition that is linked to local folklore. I want to be simple and direct and avoid creating barriers with others. Even ways of dressing can form barriers to some extent. So no Shash but possibly something simpler.”


  1. That's a pity. What if he becomes a cardinal?

  2. pardon my ignorance but what sash are you speaking of? The fascia?

  3. I find this very sad. Another oriental Catholic prelate drifting towards "modernization", or possibly "latinization", and putting into oblivion a most noble tradition.

    What these clergymen do not understand is that wearing an ecclesiastical garment is not to feed your own "ego". It is to add dignity and beauty to something that is BEYOND YOU and YOUR personal tastes or preferences.

    It is not about YOUR beauty, YOUR elegance; it's about the beauty of the Church ! It's about the reverence we owe to the Body of Christ !


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