June 13, 2013

Sombrereria Medrano in Madrid - Since 1882

On 7th June I visited Mr Beltrán Medrano-Tomás in his shop in Madrid.
In the past I published some article about the wonderful religious hats this very talented craftsman is creating:

He belongs to the best of his profession. Here some impressions:

I never saw such a hughe range of ancient patterns to make birettas, bonetes and soli deo.

Patterns to make birettas
The differences are in the form and dimension of the horns/blades/wings
and the height of the biretta itselfs.

The last pictures shows the pattern of the biretta of Cardinal Enrique Pla y Deniel.

Mr Medrano with me in this workshop

With his talented hands Mr Medrano also makes little hats (miniatures):

Mini bonete

Mini sombrero de teja (cappello romano, saturno)

They can be used as a souvenir or for decoration of statues.

See as well my article:

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