December 13, 2013

Chilean Mitre

 This mitre carries symbols of the native peoples of Chile:
© picture: Wikimedia
It was made by the hands of Chilean craftsmen and is used during the great celebrations of the Diocese of Chile


Cruz Andina
Andine Cross, originating from the culture of the Andes, is the most common and it symbolizes the eternity of these cultures. Generally it is a symbol used by the "lonko" or chief of a native Latin America people.
 Cruz simétrica
The symmetric cross of equal arms is a complex symbol, representing the sky, the rain and live. It is also a cosmological symbol or a representation of the world.

Diaguitas pattern

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  1. Yet another example of the unfortunate tendency to "matching" mitres, either with each other or with the other vestments, or both. One authority calls this - it started with Anglicans - a "solecism".


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