August 10, 2015

Hat Seen During the Chartres Pilgrimage

Some kind of pilgrim's hat with a cross at the front
I could not identify to which organisation the priest belongs to?
What kind of cross it is?

The hat is called "Campaign Hat" or "Quatre Bosses" in Frensh.
It is the scouting cross of UIGSE-FSE.

Thanks very much to my esteemed readers for their very helpful answers.
 Please see the comments.

© Picture: Orbis Catholicus
5th June 2015

Pilgrimage in Chartres, France organized by the Notre-Dame de Chrétienté


  1. It is the male version of the Campaign Hat of the FSE (, with the Scout Cross on the front. Father is also wearing a Rover Scout neckerchief.

  2. This is the scouting cross of UIGSE-FSE (larger cross, wikipedia article on organisation, official page). The kind of hat priest is wearing is afaik specific for Italians, Belgians and Swiss persons, as FSE scouts from other countries usually wear berets. There are also some other headgear exceptions for specialised troops (like marine or alpine), but I've seen not many of them.

  3. It is a scouting hat, in French a "quatre bosses", and the badge will be the scouting badge of his troop. I wore my own with the Chavagnes Scouts this year on the Chartres pilgrimage (last picture)

  4. @alojzy The campaign hat is also worn by the FNE, the North-American branch of the FSE.


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