September 11, 2011

Biretta - Saturno (Cappello Romano) - Boat Hat

I saw this nice picture today on Klosterneuburger Marginalien:

Eavesdropping - 1898
Henri Adolphe Laissement (French, 1854-1921)

1898 - Roman Catholic Bishops in blue purple?


  1. Paintings of bishops in the 17th and 18th centuries usually show them in blue purple rather than Roman purple. At some stage bishops must have gradually adopted the Roman purple instead.

  2. In mid 19th century Pius IX standardized clerical dress for prelates. Thus Habito Piano..

    Michael P. Forbes+

  3. This painting shows french ecclesiastics, easily recognizable because they wear a "rabat" and not a roman collar (all did until circa 1930). French bishops used to wear "french purple" cassocks, a rather blue purple until 1920's.


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