September 03, 2013

Biretta worn by Benedict Blommaerts

Portrait of Cardinal Benedict Blommaerts (I don't think that he was a cardinal?)
half-length turned to the left, facing towards the viewer; wearing a biretta, mozzetta and a rochet in his hands he holds a necklace with cross; after Jacobus van Reesbroeck; 1635-1704 (c.)

© picture: British Museum
Lettered below image:
"Admondum Reverendo Amplissimoqe ... Abbato longe Dignissimo."
Lettered with motto in scroll underneath arms:
"floris aparvervnt"
lettered with production details at bottom left:
"Jac. van Reesbroeck pinxit et fecit."
Very tall biretta with 4 blades (wings, horns).

In this context see as well:

© Praemonstratensian

Anglo-Catholic clergy tend to make up their own dress-rules, keeping vaguely to pre-conciliar norms and adding to them when it suits them. What they refer to as the Augustinian biretta is double height (14 cm) of a normal biretta. They get this from the Norbertine picture of the friar with the very tall biretta, and have adapted it to the black biretta.

© Facebook "Fans del Bonete"
Anthony Murley
"Un bonete augustino anglicano, en la tradicion del colegio de sacerdotes de la Sagrada Casa de Walsingham, como se puede apreciar en Fr Alfred Hope Patten, en los primeros anio de 1950."

The Augustinian Biretta or "Father Alfred Hope Patten Biretta" or "CSA (Colegio San Agustín) Biretta" is much more higher (14 cm) than the Ambrosian biretta.
Fr Patten (the priest wearing the cope in the middle) assisted by Fr Bales
and Fr Michael Smith

Augustinian Biretta or "Father Alfred Hope Patten Biretta" or "CSA (Colegio San Agustín) Biretta" made of black silk with moiré-effect, 3 horns (blades, wings) and a ruby pompon. Inside it is lined with red cotton.

Normal (7-8 cm)  -  Ambrosian (9-10 cm)  -  Augustinian (13-14 cm)

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