April 14, 2011

The Barett of the Kirchenschweizer I

The task of a "Kirchenschweizer" (usher, verger, staff-bearer?) is, during the liturgy and in the church building, to ensure order and silence. During the service the "Kirchenschweizer" with his festive attire (usually a red robe, a long black staff with a round carving at the top and a red hat with a black ribbon and a black pompon on the top), helps everyone to find a seat, escort the entry and the recession and organizes the dignified reception of Holy Communion.

"Vergers arrive early and assist with setting up the Cathedral. The Verger can be found moving furniture to its proper place, making sure the books for the Clergy and Readers are ready to go, working with the Altar Guild to ensure enough bread and wine are supplied, making sure all the Acolyte positions are filled as well as anything else that needs to be done before the service to make sure the liturgy runs smoothly."

"Today's vergers are laypersons who serve the church in a ministry of welcome. Often the visitor will see the verger in a simple cassock moving about the church preparing for worship. The verger is able to respond to any inquiry concerning the upcoming service, church facilities or current program offerings." © The Vergers' Guild of the Episcopal Church

© picture: Erika Sieberts
Kirchenschweizer Walter Rieber

© picture: Bühl
This robe was worn by Mr Hubert Klinkhammer, the last Kirchenschweizer at the Herz Jesu church, Euskirchen, Germany. He passed away in 1976.

© picture: Delia Evers
3. Norder coast pilgrimage to Kevelaer, Germany, 24th until 26th of September 2010
Kirchenschweizer Edmund Pitz-Paal

© picture: kingfisher_68

 Exhibition of vestments at the occasion of a ceremonial week held from 1st until 9th of  September 2007

Barett worn by the Kirchenschweizer of the Basilika St. Johann, Saarbruecken, Germany

Barett of a Kirchenschweizer

© picture: Russell Bevan 
Semana Santa Procession in Cuenca, Spain

Head Verger Brooks Mason verging the procession at the Seating of Bishop Mathes
This gentleman does not wear a barett.

© picture: The Vergers' Guild of the Episcopal Church, Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Mr William Hooper Gleasonwearing a Tudor bonnet

2 Kirchenschweizer with red barett
"Les deux bedeaux : Employés laïcs d’église, ils s'assurent du bon déroulement des cérémonies religieuses. Celui de gauche (11) est un vigneron aisé tandis que celui de droite (12) est un cordonnier modeste. La couleur rouge de leur costume et de leur toque les fait sortir tout droit d'une toile italienne du bas Moyen Âge, cependant on a retrouvé dans la sacristie de l'église d'Ornans une de ces toques." Wikipedia

Part II you will find here.

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