April 07, 2011

The Cappello Romano (Saturno) with Embroideries

H.H. Pope Benedict XVI with his summer saturno, made of straw with embroideries of golden threads and boullion on red silk fabric, decorated around the crown of the hat.
On both sides of the saturno there are fixed 2 golden cords decorated with small balls and acorns.
If you would like to know more about this precious material the handmade embroideries are made of, visit the site of Ets. Carlhian, Lyon, France.

© Picture Orbis Catholicus
Saturno made of red felt worn by H.H. Pope Pius XII,
made by the workshops of Barbiconi, Roma

Workshop of the Barbiconi Company in the 1950's

Barbiconi, Rome
H.H. Pope John Paul II wearing a saturno made of felt

© picture: Orbis Catholicus

H.H. Pope John XIII with a saturno made of white straw with hand made embroideries

Angelo Giuseppe Cardinal Roncalli (later Pope John XXIII) wearing a saturno made of red beaver hair with hand made embroideries

H.H. Paul VI with a simple white summer saturno

Pope Leo XII, 1898
The prelate on the left hand side holds his saturno.

© pictures: ICRSP, Gricigliano, Italy, 29th of January 2011
Saturno of H.E. Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke

© Picture Orbis Catholicus, 3rd of September 2009
Samuel Alphonsius Cardinal Stritch wearing a saturno

© Picture: Te igitur, clementissime Pater, 4th of April 2011
Saturnos of Michael Cardinal von Faulhaber

H.E. Silvio Angelo Pio Cardinal Oddi wearing a saturno
made of red beaver hair (1992)

Saturno of H.E. John Henry Cardinal Newman

Cardinal Ottaviani’s gentiluomo, 1956, holding the cardinal’s hat.

Clemens August Cardinal Graf von Galen

2 cardinals at the court of the emperor Napoleon
The right one holds in his left hand a saturno, maybe a tricorne hat

Saturno of an archbishop made of beaver hair

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