April 29, 2011

The Pope's Pileolus

Pileolus (soli deo, zucchetto) worn by the pope,
seen in the shop window of the pope's tailor Ditta Annibale Gammarelli, Rome

The pope's pileolus is made of white silk with moiré-effect,
inside lined with very thin chamois leather to assure a better hold and, around the brim inside, a ribbon of white velvet.

Pileolus of John Paul II

Pileolus of John Paul II

© Reuters/Tony Gentile  (Vatican)
Msgr. Dr. Georg Gänswein, the private secretary of pope Benedict XVI, changes the pope's pileolus with this one of a pilgrim on September 20, 2006

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Noonan, James-Charles: The Church Visible, Publisher: Viking Adult (May 1, 1996)
ISBN: 978-0670867455, pp. 307-308
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© picture: Papalartifacts
Pileolus (zucchetto) worn by H. H.Pope Benedict XVI.

Pileolus of pope Pius IX
made by Manifattura Romana in the 19th century
Coat of arms of the pope on the top of the octagonal box

Pileolus of Pius XII
Inside a card of authenticity dated 24th of March 1957 of the Anticamera Pontificia
signed by Cardinal Mario Nasalli Rocca.

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