December 20, 2010

The Decent and Soberly Hat Cord

Decent hat cords (cordone da cappello) which can be used
with an ordinary men's hat like the Lobbia.

Decent versus ordinary hat cord [which is used to fix at the brim of the Cappello Romano (Saturno)]

Gold-red for cardinals

Gold-green for archbishops and bishops

Gold-black for abbots

Paonazzo (red purple) for monsignori

Lobbia, Homburger, Roulé
After the 2nd Vatican Council Catholic prelates start to wear an ordinary hat [instead of the Cappello Romano (Saturno], called Lobbia, named after the Italian member of parliamant Cristiano Lobbia, who was offended with a stick by an simulated attack in 1869 where the crown of his hat was dented. In Germany this hat is called Homburg, in France Roulé (because the brim of the hat is rolled in).


  1. Who makes or sells those beautiful cords?

  2. what rank in the hierarchy are entitled to wear the purple intertwined with gold? i have also seen them in pectoral cross chords.

    many thanks!

    - D.J.G.

  3. Can you teach me how to tie the hat cord please?

    1. There is no instruction or special way how to fix the cord on the hat. The only thing to pay attention is that the tassel should be at the left side. And it should look nice.

  4. Can you teach me the best way to tie the hat cord please?

  5. I would be grateful if you could answer a long standing question of mine: What is the difference between the black hats of Orthodox Jews and the black hats (beside the old Saturnos) of Christian clergy? Thank you.


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