December 15, 2010

The Franciscan Pileolus (Soli Deo, Zucchetto)

© Picture: Orbis Catholicus
St. Peters Square, Rome

Knitted Fraciscan pileolus in light brown color
This headgear is very similar to the crocheted takya (takke) worn
by muslim men.

Franciscan Pileolus made of 6 segments of fabric
An explanation in Polish language here.

Franciscan pileolus made of 8 segements of  fabric

Atfter my research, the difference between the 8 and the 6 segment pileolus is
that the first is worn in Germany, Poland, France and Spain and the second in Italy.

The brown color stands for the attachment to the ground of the order of Franciscans.

© Picture: Orbis Catholicus, 11th of June 2010
Fraciscan wearing a black pileolus

© Picture: Orbis Catholicus, 5th of May 2011

© Picture: Orbis Catholicus, 11th of May 2011


  1. Hi, do you have a pattern for the knitted pileolus shown above? A friend of mine will be making his monastic profession soon and that would make a great personal gift. Thanks!

  2. Dieter, I love your comment! Actually, that's what it takes - an elderly lady or a sister to knit these for the friars.

  3. parabéns pela pagina !! Muito boa e Informativa!


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