December 21, 2010

Pectoral Cross Cords - Cordoni per la Croce Pettorale

Two very new models of pectoral cross cords I bought in October in Rome
Very nice tassel at their ends.
gold/red for a cardinal
gold/green for a bishop

To get more detailed information about these cords, simply click here.


  1. What colour chord do you think the ordinary of the Anglican Ordinariate should wear?

  2. The priests who joined the Ordinariate have been conditionally re-ordained, even if married. An Ordinariate is a kind of extra-territorial diocese, and all dioceses have to have an "Ordinary", that is, the person in charge, who would normally be a bishop.

    Now, the first three Anglican bishops to join the Ordinariate are all married men. That means that according to Canon Law they cannot become Catholic bishops. However, the Ordinariate has to have an Ordinary in charge, and so the Pope has named Mgr Newton as the Ordinary. He was an Anglican bishop (married) and so he remains a priest. But because he will have all the powers of a bishop in everything except sacramental powers (i.e., ordaining priests), he has the rank of a senior bishop. To provide for this, he has been created a Protonotary Apostolic, which means that, as Ordinary, he will dress as a bishop and wear the mitre, ring and pectoral cross (which should have a green and gold cord). It's a little like a mitred abbot - he is the "Ordinary" in his own abbey, and so wears the mitre and ring and officiates as a bishop.

    Many Anglican bishops wear a green and gold cord for their pectoral cross. Others wear all kinds of other cords.

  3. What color cord would an Anglican cathedral dean wear?

  4. Wow. No one has answered you in 3 years? I would suggest that a dean in an Anglican cathedral can either think of himself as analogous to an honorary prelate ('monsignor' in the English/American usage of the word) or as an abbot (leader of the pack). If you poke around Dieter's pages on pectoral cross cords, I think you will find enough possibilities. I think I would opt for gold and black -- the abbatial variation, if I recall correctly. If you are feeling very special, you might do rose and gold, which I think is what prelates of honor entitled to a cross can wear.


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