January 15, 2011

Red Purple verus Blue Purple

For a German the English names for some colors are confusing.

The colors "violett" and "lila" in English are purple or blue-purple.

The color "purpur" in English is violet or red-purple.

For the color worn by Roman Catholic Bishops I found a lot of different names used in English literature:

Amaranth  -  Fuchsia  -  Red Purple  -  Church Violet  -  Paonazzo  -  Violet  -  Violetus
Purpura violetus  -  Purpura amarantus

Color used by the Anglican Bishops are discribed as:

Blue Purple  -  Purpura  -  Deep purple  -  Church purple

Have a look as well at this color chart of J. Wippell and Company Limited, Exeter, Great Britain.

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