December 06, 2010

Ambrosian versus Roman Biretta

The Ambrosian biretta is 10 cm high, the Roman biretta (in the middle) only 8 cm high.
To learn more about the Ambrosian Rite, click here.

The Augustinian Biretta or "Father Alfred Hope Patten Biretta" or "CSA (Colegio San Agustín)
Biretta" is much more higher (14 cm) than the Ambrosian biretta.

Fr Patten (the priest wearing the cope in the middle) assisted by Fr Bales
and Fr Michael Smith is wearing a very high biretta.


  1. I knew a London server who owned what he called a 'layman's biretta'. It looked like regular liturgical headgear except it had no wings or pom pom. My aqaintance donned it in the procession through the streets during the Glastonbury Abbey Pilgrimage.
    Has anyone come accross this unusual cap?


  2. Derverell,

    can you send me a photo of this "layman biretta"? Then it will be easier to answer your questions.
    Does the biretta looks like in my post:
    Polish Academic Biret?

  3. I have seen laymen's birettas, but they are rare. Such a biretta has a pom-pom, but the pezzi are missing. Pezzo - plural Pezzi, there's that word again; we had that on another thread about birettas.

    Shipmate #10745

  4. Thank you Dieter
    Anon says this could be the answer

    Wippels used to make a biretta with no blades (a laymans biretta, it was called) for laymen who acted as sub deacon, but the use of the maniple was forbidden and still is, really. Mind you, nobody cares any more what people wear, that seemed to go out when Deaconesses were phased out with their fetching blue cassocks.


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