July 19, 2011

The Anglican Skull Cap

Anglican skull cap in red-purple with 6 segments and a button on the top

Anglican skull cap in blue-purple with 6 segements and a button on the top

Red-purple versus blue-purple
Have a look as well at this color chart.

The two skull caps above are made by the famous supplier of goods for the church and the clergy J. Wippell and Company Limited, Exeter, Great Britain.

Anglican skull cap versus Roman Catholic pileolus (zucchetto, soli deo)
The Anglican skull cap is much more higher than the Roman Catholic pileolus. It is made of 6 segments with a buttom on top, the Roman Catholic of 8 segments with a little stem of twisted cords on top. The Anglican is made of polyester the Roman Catholic of silk.


  1. Hi there,

    Pink is always the beautiful color to go with


  2. Hi, Sir. I am amazed at your collection. I wonder if you have a pattern for making a Roman zucchetto. I'll be thankful if you will post one in your blog. Thank you!!!

    1. Dear Darryl,

      you will find a pattern how to sew a zucchetto here:
      How to make a zucchetto

    2. Hi, Sir. I am still amazed at your collection. Thank you for the zucchetto pattern. I'll be going soon to my tailor to try it out. The biretta pattern you put in your blog is very effective as well. My classmates appreciated it much. Thanks again!!!


  3. Votre blog est magnifique. Merci.

  4. The Roman Zucchetto pattern will not show up...can you post the link again?

    1. I have problems with my provider. I have to move the site. Mid February all will be fine again.

  5. Can you provide a link to a pattern/instructions for making an Anglican skull cap? Also, there was mention of a pattern (previously posted) for a biretta; can you repeat that link, please? Thank you.

    Fr. Sam+

  6. I, too, have an Anglican skull cap from Wippell, but mine is black for priests.

  7. The Wippell's skull cap, BTW, is 100% wool, not polyester.


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