July 02, 2011

The Bonete in Peru

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The caption reads: "Scene of a solemn funeral. In front the priest ("el preste" is not a common term for a priest in Spanish), on the left the deacons, all vested in black and gold with bonetes. In the centre the catafalque/bier with a skull and candlesticks with candles. Watercolour of 14th November 1837."

This style of the bonte with a little "tree on top" remembers of the borla, the academic headgear of the Portuguese universities.

Perhaps the white "trees" on the top with tassels were used for special occasions?

In this context take a look at this foto of Don Juan Benlloch, with "doctoral" (?) biretta of Faculty of Theology of Valencia, 1888:

© picture: Traje Academico Hispano

Cathedral of Lima

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