July 20, 2011

The Shtreimel - שטריימל

© picture: The Marker Café

© picture: Wikipedia - Mishkenos HoRoim
"A shtreimel (Yiddish: שטרײַמל, pl. שטרײַמלעך shtreimlech) is a fur hat worn by many married haredi Jewish men, particularly (although not exclusively) members of Hasidic groups, on Shabbat and Jewish holidays and other festive occasions."

Concerning the history of the shtreimel read my article:
History of the Jewish Shtreimel

According 4. Moses 15,38-41 the Shrteimel is made of 26 pieces of fur. This number represents the tetragrammaton (JHWH): J = 10; H = 5; W = 6; H = 5

Shtreimel of The Philippi Collection

Shtreimel hat box of Krauss Hatters, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Business card of Krauss Hatters

Advertisement of a Shtreimel Dealer in the US

Shtreimel Shop in Jerusalem

Substructur (base) of the Shtreimel


  1. How interesting!! I've always admired these fur hats and wondered about their history. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. The proper plural of "shtrayml" in Yiddish is "shtrayml(e)n," just as shown on the picture of a Jerusalem store. Shtraymlekh is a diminutive / affectionate form. The root of the problem here is the base word "shtrayml" in singular already possesses the diminutive suffix -L which grammatically implies the "-ekh" ending in the plural. However, because "shtrayml" is not diminutive or derivative of any other word that is in modern Yiddish usage, the ending -ekh is strictly speaking incorrect. The reason why some retailers choose that form?— In the modern Hassidic colloquial Yiddish usage of affectionate / diminutive forms has become staple, just like the affectionate name forms (Yanky instead of Ya'akov or even Yankl, Moishy instead of Moishe, Chavi (Khavi) instead of Chavah, and so on).


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